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Sedalia Mine

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General Info

Northwest of Salida is the Sedalia Mine, once the largest copper mine in Colorado. Its dumps were famous for their large, dodecahedral almandine garnets. Mitchell mentions this as Site C on page 118 of his book.


Click on the image(s) below to see a picture of that mineral from this location.

Actinolite - An accessory mineral.

Almandine - Spectacular dodecahedrons up to 15 pounds have made this location famous with mineral collectors. Search where the greenish schist makes contact with the pegmatite.

Apatite - An accessory mineral.

Beryl - Green beryl.

Calcite - An accessory mineral.

Cerussite - An ore mineral.

Chalcocite - A copper ore mineral.

Chalcopyrite - A copper ore mineral.

Copper - A copper ore mineral.

Cuprite - A copper ore mineral.

Epidote - An accessory mineral.

Feldspar - Microcline feldspar.

Garnet - See "Almandine" garnets on this page.

Pyrite - An ore mineral.

Quartz - White quartz.

Sphalerite - An ore mineral.

Tourmaline - An accessory mineral.

Other Notable Minerals
Azurite, Chrysocolla, Malachite, Muscovite

Field Trip Reports

Sorry, no trip reports for this location yet.

The dumps of the Sedalia Mine can barely be seen in the center of this photo.


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  • J. R. Mitchell, 1997, Gem Trails of Colorado (ISBN 0-935182-91-8)
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