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Wigwam Creek area

*** Some pegmatites are under claim. ***

General Info

This area has pegmatites along Stoney Pass Road (Forest Service Road 560) that contain smoky quartz, amazonite and fluorite.


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Agardite - Eckel reported tiny, pale to medium green amounts of agardite-(Ce) from an altered arsenopyrite nodule (Raines). Associated with pharmacosiderite and gypsum.

Amazonite - Pale blue to robins-egg colored crystals has been reported by several. Crystals more than 15 cm have been reported. Associated with smoky quartz, fluorite and zinnwaldite.

Bastnäsite-(Ce) - Kinney collected bastnasite-(Ce) replacing fluocerite-(Ce) (Raines).

Cyrtolite - Jacobson reported finding clusters in 1986. They were between 2.5 and 5 cm (Raines).

Fluorite - Clear or purple cubes; not the best quality; sometimes tiny clear crystals with purple corners. Octahedral forms occur with cubic modifications, and vice versa. Green crystals are also found. Many crystals have stair-step habit according to Raines.

Goethite - Kile reports shiny black sprays, up to 10 cm, of bladed goethite up to 4 cm long (Raines). Goethite penetrating amethyst crystals is called onegite. Associated with hematite, microcline and smoky quartz.

Manganocolumbite - Bennett and Kile report crystals up to 9 mm long were found with amazonite and zinnwaldite (Raines).



Smoky Quartz - Sometimes large crystals (more than 100 cm long) are found, but they are often clouded and broken. The smaller crystals may be gem-quality. Associated with microcline, fluorite, goethite and topaz, according to Kile, Modreski and Kile (Raines).

Topaz - Colorless to pale blue to sherry colored crystals were collected by Kinney and Dorzok (Raines). Murphy and Modreski (2002) state that they were up to 2 inches long. Associated with amazonite, microcline, quartz, zinnwaldite and tourmaline.

Zinnwaldite - Several people have reported crystals with sharp color zoning, according to Raines.

Zircon - Variety cyrtolite.

Other Notable Minerals
Albite, Arsenopyrite, Clinochlore, Fluocerite-(Ce), Gypsum, Hematite, Muscovite, Orthoclase, Pharmacosiderite, Quartz

Field Trip Reports

Sorry, no trip reports for this location yet.


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