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Calumet Mine

*** Currently under claim. ***

General Info

An important source of iron ore due to its massive magnetite vein, the Calumet Mine is also the most noted locality for epidote and only source for sapphire in Colorado.


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Actinolite - Radiating green blades and sometimes pseudomorphs uralite.

Epidote - Green crystals up to 2 inches, often associated with white quartz and/or magnetite, in partially altered limestone.

Garnet - Mitchell reports it as usually massive although crystals can be found by breaking up the marble.

Magnetite - Occurs as gray metallic crystals up to 1cm, and sometimes as a mass of smaller crystals with actinolite-tremolite or uralite.

Muscovite - Actually green mica according to Mitchell.

Quartz - Clear crystals, sometimes with chlorite inclusions.

Sapphire - Tiny blue crystals from a layer of dark green schist. Some have been gem quality.

Smoky Quartz


Other Notable Minerals
Diopside, Feldspar, Hematite, Jasper, Marble, Pyrite, Tremolite

Field Trip Reports

Sorry, no trip reports for this location yet.

Calumet Mine location
Calumet Mine location

View looking up the mountain at the Calumet Mine area. This is after hiking up approximately half way.

An old mine shaft at the Calumet Mine in Chaffee county. View is looking straight down, so be careful around this and other shafts since they are not always covered.

An open cut at the Calumet Mine.

View looking down towards Railroad Gulch(?) from the Calumet Mine.


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