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Idarado Mine

*** Closed; no collecting. ***

General Info

Located in Ouray and San Miguel counties, the buildings of this mine can be seen from State Highway 550 just south of the town of Ouray. There are approximately 100 miles of tracks in the working areas of the mine, which actually constitute several mines and tunnels. It is currently undergoing reclamation work.


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Barite - Pale gray, thin blades. Groups of these crystals have been found in the Argentine vien up to 3 inches across according to Muntyan.

Calcite - Mostly the pink manganocalcite variety, although small rounded cream-colored crystals were associated with sphalerite.

Chalcopyrite - Associated with sphalerite, quartz and calcite.


Gold - Rich, fine-grained gold in quartz veins that sometimes contained more than 50 percent free gold as veinlets and crystalline aggregates, according to Murphy and Modreski (2002).

Quartz - Clear quartz crystals often associated with chalcopyrite, calcite and sphalerite.

Sphalerite - Groups of black crystals up to 1 inch on edge were sometimes found on plates, reports Muntyan(b). Associated with small rounded calcite, sprays of manganocalcite, clear quartz with chlorite, and chalcopyrite.

Field Trip Reports

Sorry, no trip reports for this location yet.


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