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Mt. White

*** Much of Mt. White is claimed at this time. ***

General Info

Just south of Mt. Antero. Basically the same material can be found here as at Mt. Antero.


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Albite - One of the most common minerals on Mt. Antero, it can be found as pearly-white crystals up to 0.5 inch, according to Jacobson. Also occurs as the albite variety called cleavelandite. Associated with microcline, smoky quartz, muscovite, bertrandite, fluorite and phenakite.

Aquamarine - Color ranges from blue to clear. Can sometimes be found as float within the talus boulders. The best crystals are found in the miarolitic cavities where they were formed.

Beryl - Mostly blue and blue-green in granite matrix, although other colors can be found, such as green and colorless. In massive or crystalline form. Associated with many minerals, including fluorite, smoky quartz, topaz, and phenakite.

Brannerite - Jacobson says that Bill Chirnside found a 1/16 inch crystal.

Calcite - Jacobson reports it to be a very rare mineral in the Mt. Antero area. It has been found as white, glassy single crystals associated with quartz, cleavelandite and muscovite. Also found by Bill Chirnside as flattened wafers up to 2 inches.

Columbite-Tantalite - Sharp reported it to be associated with zircon, monazite, pyrite, garnet and quartz. (Jacobson)

Fluorapatite - Very uncommon mineral in the Mt. Antero/Mt. White area.

Fluorite - Purple octahedrons have been found by many collectors over the years. Usually associated with albite, muscovite, and quartz.

Monazite - According to Jacobson, it was reported by Sharp to be associated with zircon, columbite, pyrite and garnet.

Muscovite - Very common. Associated with fluorite, quartz, etc.

Phenakite - Crystals can be white, clear or shades of yellow (amber being one of them) and are sometimes attached to quartz, thus many people confuse them with quartz. Jacobson shows sketches of several of the different habits found in the area. Many mineral associations exist.

Pyrite - Sharp reported it with zircon, monazite, garnet and columbite in pegmatites. (Jacobson)

Stellerite - Found by Marge Regel in 1984, it occurred as a coating on microcline, albite and smoky quartz.

Zircon - Sharp reported it with garnet, columbite, monazite and pyrite in some pegmatites.

Other Notable Minerals
Quartz, Smoky Quartz

Field Trip Reports

Sorry, no trip reports for this location yet.

A view of Mt. White

Looking west from Mt. White


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