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Silicon dioxide

Quartz in the East Region

  • No notable occurrences in database yet.

Quartz in the Front Range Region

Quartz in the Northwest Region

Quartz in the South Central Region

Quartz in the Southwest Region


An excellent large cluster of quartz epimorphs after barite from the Idarado Mine. Although singles are common enough to obtain, clusters are uncommon in this size, and in good shape. Ex. Ed David Collection. Measures 10 x 8 x 6 cm.
Photo courtesy of The Arkenstone.


Quartz after calcite from the Portland Mine in Ouray County. Also with galena, pyrite and sphalerite. Specimen is 6.5 cm long.


Typical Black Cloud sulfide ore coated by quartz crystals to 1.5 cm with a secondary growth coating most of the plate. There are casts in the secondary overgrowth that look like possible casts of earlier dolomite crystals. From the Black Cloud Mine in Leadville. Measures 8 x 4 cm.
Photo courtesy of Dave Bunk Minerals.

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