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Houselog Creek Report
by Alan Silverstein

* Road is closed by snow in winter, but dates vary. Call the Forest Service to ask.

* You can try to dig fresh geodes out of the hard rock (very hard work), or you can dig for float geodes in the dirt alongside the old road that runs to the left of the hillside up to the hard rock site. I didn't know the latter except by looking around and stumbling across old holes, many now filled (by the NFS?)

* The float geodes are up to 6" across. Almost all have relatively small vug-to-ball ratios. The vugs range from barely veneered with agate, to solid, and from transparent and colorful, to lightly banded, to boring white opal-like material that doesn't even tumble polish. The variety of colors and styles is impressive.

* I tumble-polish geode chunks. The most interesting ones have transparent or banded agate intermixed with reddish-brown igneous material.