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Bear Creek meteorite (IIIAB)

Bear Creek was found in 1866 in a ravine west of Denver in Jefferson County, Colorado. It is a IIIAB iron and weighs 226.79 kg according to the Handbook of Colorado Meteorites. The Handbook explains the circumstances surrounding the find, including that it had a thick iron oxide layer which is evidence that it had been on Earth for thousands of years before it was found by G. L. Morrison and James L. Wilson.

For more details about this, go to its Meteoritical Bulletin page: Bear Creek

Some photos of this meteorite are below.

A slice of Bear Creek.
Photo © Matt Morgan (Mile High Meteorites)

A 3610g slice of Bear Creek that was formerly in the Jurgen Nauber Meteorite Collection (JNMC) in Zurich.
Photo © Marmet-Meteorites

The same Bear Creek slice being held for scale.
Photo © Marmet-Meteorites

Close-up of the Bear Creek slice above.
Photo © Marmet-Meteorites

Small slice of Bear Creek.
Photo © by its respective photographer.

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