Hartsel 1998 Trip Photos
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This was not a scheduled NJG&M Club field trip. I was invited on this trip by a member of the Colorado Mineralogical Society (CMS). The trip was led by Ken Porter, owner of Porter Minerals International in Golden, Colorado. The digging site was on BLM land, but access to it is via private property only. Everyone on the trip had a great time and found something. Thanks Ken!

ha98_1.jpg ha98_2.jpg
A collapsed tunnel. Even if a tunnel has been dug only a feet or two, it can collapse at any time because the soil is very soft and moist! This one could have fit a couple people in it. Hopefully, no one was in there when it collapsed. Weathered (whitish-grey) area where lots of blue barite chips have been uncovered by recent rains.

ha98_3.jpg ha98_4.jpg
Scouring the surface for barite. There are pieces of barite everywhere you look! Bob (last name unknown) digs for barite in a vein he found on a previous trip to this site. After digging inward, we had to cave it in from above to make sure we didn't create a deep tunnel which could collapse on us.

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