Hartsel 1998 Trip Photos
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ha98_5.jpg ha98_6.jpg
One of the pieces that Bob extracted from the vein. After a little bit of washing, there might be some nice clusters in this specimen. A closer view of the barite vein. The vein was quite long, so Bob graciously allowed me and others to dig next to him. This is the section that I would try to get out.

ha98_7.jpg ha98_8.jpg
Extreme close-up of the previous picture. Tabular crystal structures are easier to see in this picture. I got this piece (and others) out of the vein. Approximately 25 horses (possibly wild) wanted to get to their watering hole while our group was nearby. We all stopped digging and collecting because they wouldn't get close if they heard our hammers and chisels. They then began drinking cautiously.

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