Topaz Mt., Utah 1998 Trip Photos
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topaz_05.jpg topaz_06.jpg
Northeast section of the Cove. Gas vents can be found in this area. There is a red beryl zone in this section. View from the south end of the Cove. The pseudobrookite area on the North wall of the Cove. Fragile specimens can be found in the white areas on either side of the fault channel in the center of the picture. None of us went there on this trip. In John Holfert's book, this area is called Area 4A.

topaz_08.jpg topaz_07.jpg
West (actually northwest) wall of the Cove. The white area in the lower center of the picture is the red beryl area of "White Canyon", also known as Area 3. To the left of this area is Area 2 which is good for topaz crystals. The West wall. This is where Area 1 is located. Area 1 has topaz towards the top of the wall and garnets towards the bottom.

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