Stoneham 2000 Trip Photos
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David and son digging Hole dug in the clay
Here are two of our members digging for crystals. A hole in the side of a bluff. There was a little vegetation in this area but not much. It's been a hot dry summer.

Small seam of Barite Barite from a seam
After breaking the rock-hard clay for an hour, we found this small seam of Barite. It isn't much, but proves that we are in the right area. (The main blue area was as big as a US Quarter.) And here's a picture of a nice blue Barite crystal that was found in one of these seams. Unfortunately most of the crystals are either small or malformed because there isn't much room for the crystals to grow. Occasionally, people will find a large pocket with large Barite crystals that are connected together with a Calcite druse. (More barite pictures on page 4.)

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