Book Cliffs 2001 Trip #2 Photos
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Barite on matrix Ted digging in his pocket
One of the barite crystals on matrix that Kevin and K.C. pulled out of their pocket. Many of the crystals from this nodule (and nodules nearby) had this yellow staining on them. Ted G. digging in his pocket. He is working hard trying to get a big barite crystal out without damaging it.

Ted's big crystal Another view of Ted's crystal
This matrix specimen is what Ted was digging for. It looks smaller in this picture than in person! Here's another view of Ted's crystal specimen. This is a quick picture because he immediately wrapped it up and wet it down so the ambient air temperature wouldn't start cracking the crystal. Barite from the Book Cliffs is famous (or should I say 'infamous') for this unwanted behavior, even when the temperature outside is only a few degrees warmer than it was in the pocket.

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