Silverton 2001 Trip Photos
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Digging at the Adams Mine Old mine
Here are a few of us digging in the Adams Mine dump. We found pyrite, sphalerite, huebnerite and probably galena. On day number two, we all met near the old site of Eureka (east of Silverton) and drove up the dirt road to the famous Sunnyside Mine. This is a nice shot of one of the old mines along the way.

Digging at the Sunnyside Mine Closeup view of digging
Upon arriving at the Sunnyside Mine, everyone started looking for the famous pink rhodonite (pyroxmangite) that is hidden under a blackish layer. We also found some quartz and micro rhodochrosite clusters. Closer view of a few people collecting. There were probably another 5 or 6 people from the group who were scattered about looking for their own treasures.

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