Wyoming 2001 Trip Photos
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Green beryl crystal
Another green beryl crystal
An opaque, green beryl crystal from the Whippet #8 mine which is high up the mountain (approximately 7000 ft elevation) near our camp. The main minerals from this mine were petalite, tapiolite, ghanite, beryl, feldspar and spessartine garnet.
Another opaque, green beryl crystal. We also found some blue beryl crystals of the same quality as this one.

Cows and mine dump
Tapiolite crystals, which have been damaged, within matrix. Tapiolite is a black, metallic, tetragonal mineral with a (Fe,Mn)(Ta,Nb)2O6 composition.
Starting the trip back to Denver, I passed these cows with one of the dumps in the background.

Additional Notes
More info regarding the Copper Mountain District can be found in volume 76 (May/June 2001) of Rocks and Minerals magazine.

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