Creede Field Trip Report
Aug. 7-8th, 2010

by Eldon Hunewell


Yours truly checked out a few areas on the way down to Creede Friday (found the crystal hill gold mine fully accessible, for one thing). Saturday morning, I showed up at the Creede show and did some trading and visiting while waiting to see who showed up. Bill Caravello, a recent newer member showed up and found me and together we looked for anyone else and waited about an hour while viewing the very nice show off and on. No one else showed so we proceeded to the Last Chance Mine. Bill got started digging right away and I decided to return to the show to see if any late more people showed up then either so went back to the mine and not long later Bob Loeffler showed up as he was delayed for awhile but knew where we would be. We dug for awhile and enjoyed the great scenery and view and also checked out jack Morris's new mining museum (not large but nice) near his home and close to one mine entrance. Bill went back to the show for awhile in the late afternoon and Bob Loeffler and myself had a nice dinner and then I found us a nice campsite, lush and adjacent to Miner's creek (how appropriate, haha). We camped there that night but it was kinda rainy most of the night but not real heavy rain. Nice and cool though and bob said the babbling stream was very relaxing while he slept...things I miss when I cannot hear, haha.

Sunday a.m. we met Bill at the show and proceeded to Del Norte and the very rough road up to the thunderegg digging site...bill did great with his camper, and now am sure its "broken in" after that...I think some things in there were kinda knocked around over the rough road but he was a good sport about it all.

We proceeded to the crystal hill mine and later met with an old friend from Alamosa, John Seymour, and past and present member of Jeffco. We found small one inch crystals that were very slim and dirty but some were well formed and a few clusters here and there in the manganese dirt, and between the fissures in the breccia. Unfortunately not like the old days that myself & the Hansens, among others remember so well ...the beautiful large and sometimes water bubble crystals that were much more abundant before the mine reopened and carted the best of the "paydirt" away...oh, well...this was about an even 30 years ago...fond memories....all good things must pass they say, sigh.