North Table Mt. Mineral Collecting
Dear Mr Kunze,
I am the president of the North Jeffco Gem and Mineral Club in Arvada. We are one of the ten Gem and Mineral clubs in the metro area that has collected Zeolite minerals at North Table Mountain for many years. I am sure you have received many letters and e-mails pointing out the world class nature of this mineral locality. There are many fine examples of these minerals in museums around the world and they come from "our backyard".

The purpose of this note is to point out that our club represents 75 families who enjoy the mineral and rock hounding hobby and use this area to collect Zeolite specimens. In your open space planning for North Table Mountain please consider keeping the existing quarries open for collecting. These areas are all ready disturbed and additional environmental damage will be minimal.

I plan to attend tonight's meeting where this topic will be discussed. Dr Peter Modreski of the United States Geological Survey will speak to you and the group supporting the continued use of the existing quarries for mineral collecting. He is a noted mineralogist and author who is very familiar with the world class nature of this deposit.

Again please keep in mind as you work through the planning process that hundreds of collectors from around the world have and still collect specimens from this site. These quarries are not some old pits that were long since abandon and should be closed they need to be left open for future generations of mineralogist and rock hounds to enjoy.

John H. Melby
North Jeffco Gem and Mineral Club
Arvada, Colorado