North Table Mountain Update after March 30th Meeting
Rockhounds turned out in good numbers at the meeting with the Jefferson County Open Space board. At this point in time things look positive for the future of mineral (zeolites) collecting on North Table Mountain. It's likely that collecting will be restricted to selected sites and that special use permits will be required. But who can say what will transpire between now and the finished management plan?

The Open Space Planning Team had the following to say about mineral collecting;
"Staff Believes that limited mineral collection could be compatible with other recreational uses on the park and with Open Space's resource protection objectives. To manage the activity, a Special Activity Permit would be required to allow Open Space to monitor this activity." Open Space Staff also recognize that "the mountain is a world renowned collection area, with collections dating back to the 1800's."

Jefferson County personnel have heard from many of us by email and telephone. This evening they met a good number of us personally. The atmosphere was very positive and I want to thank all attending rockhounds for making a good impression. There will likely be additional meetings in the future. However, at this time none are scheduled.

Participants were asked to comment in writing about any subject (s) of concern. A lot of those comments concerned interest in continued zeolite collecting! The open space board will tally those comments and gauge areas of interest before hosting another meeting.

Several of us have asked to be placed on mailing lists so that we can keep ourselves informed on important developments and will disseminate information as it comes available. Nothing is certain yet.

KEEP THOSE EMAILS ROLLING! If you haven't yet written to Mr. Frank Kunze at, please do so. It is not too late and the more letters they receive the stronger our message becomes; keep mineral collecting available on North Table Mountain (please).

Paul Boni
Flatirons Mineral Club