Still in the Dark

A collection of 3rd-party After Dark Modules
Bob Loeffler

This file explains some of the nuances associated with the files contained in this free collection. Please read all of it.... then have fun with the modules and ENJOY!!!!!!

Installation for users of AD 2.x:
Installation is very easy! After downloading the modules you want, unzip them and copy their contents to the /afterdrk directory. Then close After Dark (exit out of it) and re-start it.

Note: If you can not see the module names listed in After Dark's control panel, hold down the key and double-click on the After Dark icon. This will update the list and reset all the modules' settings.

Installation for users of AD 3.x:
First, download all the modules you want and then unzip them. Then, under the main After Dark directory (usually c:\afterdrk), create a subdirectory called \stildark and copy all enclosed files (except bobert.bmp if you downloaded the Use Your Own! module) into this new subdirectory. (Copy bobert.bmp into the \afterdrk directory.) Then, in the After Dark control panel, click on the Setup button, click on Advanced Options, and then click on Update Module List.

You will now be able to see StillInTheDark in the folder drop-down list. Click on it to access the "Still in the Dark" collection.

Installation for users of AD 4.x:
First, download all the modules you want and then unzip them. Then, under the main After Dark directory (usually c:\Afterdrk), create a subdirectory called "Still In The Dark" and copy all enclosed files into this new subdirectory. Now, when you go into the After Dark control panel, you will now be able to see Still In The Dark in the folder drop-down list. Click on it to access the "Still in the Dark" collection.

Module-specific notes:
"Sinkhole" and "Window Blinds" Since these modules are dependent on a copy of your current Windows desktop, running them in Randomizer may not yield a good display. For example, if the module that is run before these modules finishes with a blank/semi-blank screen, then there won't be a desktop to copy - only a black screen. In this situation, when either of these modules run, there won't be much to see.

"Scrubbing Bubbles II"
When in Demo mode, make sure that the After Dark control panel isn't in the center of your screen. If it is, you won't be able to see the Scrubbing Bubbles going down the drain.

After going down the drain, the bubble may or may not reappear. This depends on the "Redraw Every: " setting. If the bubble goes down the drain after the user-specified time has expired, the bubble will not reappear. When all bubbles have disappeared, the screen will be cleared and a set of new bubbles will begin cleaning your screen.

"Use Your Own!"
Make sure that bobert.bmp is initially in the \afterdrk directory. Use Your Own! will use the bobert.bmp file as the default image until another image is selected using the "Bitmap..." button. After selecting another image, you may delete bobert.bmp if you desire. The name and path of the new image will be saved in the AD_PREFS.INI file under the [UseYourOwn] heading. This way, Use Your Own! can remember which bitmap image it used last.

This module can use any bitmap (.bmp) image with up to 256 colors. Images with more colors than that will not work.

Due to the animation technique used in this module, some images may look different when touching another image.

If your images are moving too slow or choppy, try changing the "Num Images:" setting to a lower number. Remember, the larger the image, the slower and choppier the image's movement will be.

"Rainy Day"
If Hurricane is chosen with the "Strength:" option, then the "Wind:" option will have no effect. The raindrops will be blown in all directions.

"Steam Rollin'"
Due to the complexity of this module, several seconds may elapse before any animation begins.

A special thanks to Jim Signorile for allowing me to have Smedley in this collection.

If you have problems:
Please read the Installation and Module-specific sections above. If you still have problems, feel free to contact me at one of the addresses listed in the Contacting the Author section at the end of this file.

Any updates to the modules will be uploaded to the following places:

  1. LIB #2 in the BERKSYS forum on Compuserve
  2. Here on this Web site
New modules will also be uploaded to the places above.

Contacting the author:
If you like (or hate!!) any of my modules, or if you have suggestions for new modules, please send a message to one of the addresses below:

Internet address:
Bob Loeffler

Thank you and ENJOY!!!!

Limited Warranty:
This software is supplied "AS IS". The warranty granted herein is in lieu of any other warranties expressed or implied, including the implied warranty of merchantability and the implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. I will NOT be liable for any damages whatsoever including, but not limited to loss of business or to any incidental or consequential damages. These modules can't be tested on every possible machine. Therefore, I can't guarantee that they will work on yours.

** After Dark is a registered trademark of Berkeley Systems, Inc. **