Bob's Plugins for Spamihilator / Export Senders Plugin

Export Senders Plugin

These settings belong to the Export Senders plugin. Since this plugin is not a filter, it will not be listed in Spamihilator's Priorities window.

The Export Senders plugin allows you to export your Friends list or Blocked Senders list (or both) from Spamihilator to a text file. You can then import the text file into another installation of Spamihilator or into your favorite e-mail application or spreadsheet.

You can choose the location of the text files or you can accept the default location.

Another option you may choose is the data delimiter. This is the character that separates the senders' names from the e-mail addresses. The three delimiter choices are: a comma, a tab or a semicolon.

You can also choose the order in which the senders' names and e-mail addresses are exported since some applications may require them to be in a specific order.

When choosing the data delimiter or data order, an example of what it will look like will be displayed. Then just click on the Export button. A message will appear with the status of the export. It is usually very quick.

During the exporting process, if any of the following values have been used in the address field, they will not be exported because they will cause problems and confusion:


You can get to this plugin's settings by opening Spamihilator's Settings dialog and clicking on "Export Senders".