Bob's Plugins for Spamihilator / HTML Links Filter

HTML Links Filter

These settings belong to the HTML Links Filter.

The HTML Links Filter is a Plugin. That means it is not directly integrated into Spamihilator, but it can be used to block Spam E-Mails.

This plugin filter can be given a low priority in Spamihilator's Priorities window.

The HTML Links Filter plugin blocks e-mails that contain website and e-mail links. It looks for "A HREF" anchor tags in HTML e-mails and then finds out if it is a website or e-mail link. If you have specified that website links or e-mail links (or both) should not be allowed, and the number of links found in an e-mail is more than the maximum that you have set, the e-mail is considered spam!

By default, both options will be "checked" (enabled) and both maximum link values will be 0. You can change the maximum link values to any non-negative number.

To save changes in the "HTML Links" section of the Settings dialog, click on either the Save or OK button.

You can configure this filter by opening Spamihilator's Settings dialog and clicking on "HTML Links".