Bob's Plugins for Spamihilator / Scripts Filter

Scripts Filter

These settings belong to the Scripts Filter.

The Scripts Filter is a Plugin. That means it is not directly integrated into Spamihilator, but it can be used to block Spam E-Mails.

This plugin filter can be given a low priority in Spamihilator's Priorities dialog.

The Scripts Filter blocks messages that contain embedded HTML scripts, which spammers sometimes use in their spam e-mails. This plugin looks for a SCRIPT tag in HTML e-mails and compares the tag's scripting language with a list of scripting languages that you can modify. If a match is found, the Scripts Filter will mark the e-mail as a spam.

By default, the list of scripting languages will contain the following:


Spammers can use these scripting languages to do simple things such as open your web browser and take you directly to a spammer's website, but they may also cause more menacing issues, so it's better to stop them before they can do any damage.

You can add new scripting languages by clicking on the "Add" button.

You can remove scripting languages by selecting one from the list and then clicking on the "Delete" button.

You can configure the scripting languages that this filter blocks by opening Spamihilator's Settings dialog and clicking on "Scripts".