Bob's Plugins for Spamihilator / Unclassified Filter

Unclassified Filter

These settings belong to the Unclassified Filter.

The Unclassified Filter is a Plugin. That means it is not directly integrated into Spamihilator, but it can be used to classify e-mails.

The Unclassified Filter plugin allows you to mark all unclassified e-mails as either Spam or Non-spam.

This plugin filter MUST be placed at the bottom of Spamihilator's Priorities list because no other filters will be used after the Unclassified Filter processes an e-mail.

By default, the filter will mark all e-mails as Non-spam, so all e-mails will pass through to your e-mail client's inbox.

If the "Mark all unclassified e-mails as Spam" option is selected, e-mails will be marked as Spam and will be sent to Spamihilator's Recycle Bin.

You can configure this filter by opening Spamihilator's Settings dialog and clicking on "Unclassified".

To save a change in the "Unclassified" section of the Settings dialog, click on either the OK or Apply button.