The FREE "Still in the Dark" collection of screen saver modules.

NOTE: These screen saver modules require the Windows version of After Dark v2.0 or later for them to run correctly. These are NOT standard Windows .SCR screen savers.

To view a sample screen shot of a screen saver module, click on the module's name. You can then download it if you wish. To download the whole collection, click here. (514,233 bytes)

For instructions and other information about the screen saver modules in this collection, click here.

Previously released modules in the collection. To download this whole set of 5 modules, click here. (277,529 bytes):

    Floating Suns Floating Suns v1.4 (15,675 bytes)
Scrubbing Bubbles Scrubbing Bubbles v1.5 (57,077 bytes)
Scrubbing Bubbles II Scrubbing Bubbles II v1.0 (103,630 bytes)
Use Your Own! Use Your Own! v1.2 (20,342 bytes)
Wrecking Ball Wrecking Ball v1.0 (42,767 bytes)

Previously unreleased modules in the collection. To download this whole set of 6 modules, click here. (245,111 bytes):

    Rainy Day Rainy Day v1.0 (17,293 bytes)
Shooting Spree Shooting Spree v1.0 (43,463 bytes)
Sinkhole Sinkhole v1.0 (16,919 bytes)
Steam Rollin' Steam Rollin' v 1.0 (63,643 bytes)
This Ol' House This Ol' House v1.0 (100,799 bytes)
Window Blinds Window Blinds v1.0 (18,728 bytes)